Graffiti Mash NFT & Xen

Graffiti Mash NFT & Xen - Tech Art

Xen with Bad Angel

Welcome to Xen Images NFT this is my first blog post and yes this is Xen., is a website dedicated to bringing the most cutting edge artworks on the online market today! With NFT artwork, canvas artworks to hang on your wall, or .gif files as your profile avatar.

Graffiti Mash NFT and Xen, what more can we say this a collaboration of years of artistic and visual inspiration and development. NFT and Graffiti Mash at brings you closer to the art it brings you into the world of tech art.

Xen Images brings you Graffiti Mash NFT Art, wrapped up it's collage, created, cut, edited, art. Flash Art meets Memes, NFTs put on Canvas. Meme Tattoo's in digital wallets and on the Blockchain.

Graffiti Mash NFT was developed in Xen Images studio gallery in Jan 2021, Xen Images is located in the Great City Boise, Idaho, USA.

Xen Images would like you to look over our portfolio gallery and decide which NFT file we can put in your crypto wallet or to canvas image for you. Every order is a custom order with the utmost attention paid to it until you the client are satisfied with your NFT.